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Post  sgsims1 on Wed Apr 14, 2010 5:50 pm

Well guys, let's give this a go. The internet is truly devoid of decent forums to discuss the basic concepts and protocols used in true High Intensity Training, especially by both professional and amatuer practitioners who have little doubt that HIT is the most effective way to make the most of your genetics without spending hours in the gym. I would like to propose a few rules. I am open to input from members on these and will consider any changes or additions that will make the list better. My goal is to create a forum for open discussion where everybody can share and learn and feel comfortable participating without fear of being attacked or worrying about dealing with a lot of the irrationality that passes for discussion in other places.

1. Keep an open mind.

Nobody knows everything or has all the answers, and everybody's experiences and area of expertise may be different. We don't have to agree with everybody, but it helps to try to at least consider and understand where people are coming from, even if it seems a bit "out there"

2. No ad hominem attacks.

If you disagree with something someone says you may challenge their statement, the logic, evidence presented or source, but no personal attacks or "flaming". If you challenge something someone says, also be prepared to provide a reason for the challenge and supporting logic, evidence, sources, etc.

This applies to non forum members as well. It is fine to critique someone's training method or nutritional recommendations, but not to attack them personally.

3. If you assert something, it is your responsibility to prove it.

If you make a statement, be prepared to provide evidence for it and your sources, and how others might find the information. If the information comes from a web site or paper available online, please link to it or post it to the list if you have it and if doing so does not violate copyright laws.

4. Define your terms.

Don't assume everybody knows what you are talking about when using a specific term. Although most of us have common backgrounds, some members may not, and it is possible different people could use a particular term to mean different things. A lot of misunderstanding can be avoided by defining what you mean by a particular term.

5. Respect copyrights.

If you write an e-mail, you own the copyrights to the words you have written, not me, not this forum. This has been supported by the courts. Copyright rules apply, so if you wish to share or repost something someone has written here you must get permission from the author.

If you do get permission to forward, repost or otherwise share information from this list, give credit where credit is due.

The same applies to information coming in. Please do not post information here from outside sources or other lists unless you have permission from the author.

6. Rule Violations

If a person violates any of these rules, they will receive a private warning. If the violations are persistent or if they engage in any behavior disruptive to the list they will be permanently banned. Yes, there will be moderation in this forum, and some of the nonsense we have seen on other forums will not be tolerated here. Many will call us narrow-minded for sticking to our core beliefs when it comes to HIT, but trolls will have to go elsewhere.

We'll start slowly, my friends.....be very selective as to who you point in our direction.

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