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The Statement of Intention Empty The Statement of Intention

Post  Fitness Scientist on Sat Jun 05, 2010 11:48 am

The Statement of Intention

by Joe Mullen
Fitness Scientist

A declaration of intent begins with a positive thought of what you choose your exercises to achieve.

The Intent meditation of your exercise program generously provides you with the highest feeling of self-worth. By extension, it provides an enhanced self-reliance. You are asking for help and permission, to proceed in the healthiest way possible, and verbalizing your Intention to do so, for the highest benefit of all.

Let me assume that we agree that some “Source” is accountable for our “being”. Moreover, that it is on a higher plane than we are.

Believe The Source is superior, generous, and prepared to help us achieve anything in every noble way. To succeed, embrace your wisdom and call for guidance, and verbalize your dedication to match your request with Action! That is what the intention statement represents.

Following is examples of a testimonial of a Thank You declaration, combined with a Statement of Intention.

“Thank you Source, for creating me, and for offering me the choice and opportunity, to improve my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual elements all through this exercise program.

If it be thy will, summon the positive powers of the the Life Force within me today. Help me produce a beneficial workout to enhance my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual forms without injury or any kind. From now forward for whatever time is suitable. Thank you.”

There you have one recommendation as a first step to improving your human being to its maximum physical level. Moving towards the best you can become.

This approach may seem unusual within a fitness program (at the very least) to some people. Others, who have been on a Spiritual Quest will perceive with what I are saying. Either way, this approach is one valid, effective way, to originate results not possible by other means.

Please understand that we do not feel we are preaching “Religion” by recommending giving thanks or producing positive statements of Intent. We believe that we are passing on one of the workout secrets of the Universe. If it disturbs you to try this approach, do not do it.

* Author's note: Although I spent my existence examining fact from fiction, logical from irrational, and sorting “gray claims” into black or white truths, we were very amazed at the beneficial consequences of the apparently simple, Thank You and Intention statements.

I did not create them; I learned them from others more knowledgeable than I am. I have shared them with you because they help create maximum results in minimum time. Use them (or not) to your advantage!

Joe Mullen
Fitness Scientist
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