Why High-Tech Is The Best Way To Exercise!

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Why High-Tech Is The Best Way To Exercise! Empty Why High-Tech Is The Best Way To Exercise!

Post  Fitness Scientist on Sun Jun 13, 2010 1:45 pm

Why High Tech Is The Best Way To Exercise?

By Fitness Scientist
From: The Fitness Instructor Manual

Many prospective members ask the question, "Why is high-tech a better way to exercise?" The question they are really asking is: "How does it apply to my goals and why can I expect better results?"

When asked this question, it is best to answer in the simplest language possible. Do not undertake a long, detailed explanation of the ten requirements of full-range, productive exercise we've outlined. Most people will have trouble remembering the technical details. Some will blank out mentally after a few minutes of technical discussion.

Try to Use An Analogy

The simplest method of explaining high-tech is to use an analogy. For instance: if the person's line of work is office management, draw an analogy between the old fashioned typewriter and the latest word processing computer. Both have the same goal. However, the computer is more time efficient.

Then, point out high-tech is, more efficient than standard exercise equipment and, it is the equivalent of the word processor and other exercise tools equate with the out-dated manual typewriter. Both have the same goals, but one is more productive than the other.

The most common example we've used (as silly as it is) is to use the transportation industry as the example, as follows:

"If ones goal is to get from the west coast to the east coast, in the quickest possible time and the
transportation choices are: (1) a mule, or (2) the jet airplane, which is the fastest way of getting there?" Obviously, the jet. So it is when comparing exercise equipment, free weights are a mule and high-tech is a jet.

There are other examples we could use, but we're sure you have the idea. After you have used the analogy, try to zero in on the goal of the potential member. Once you clearly understand the goal, it is a simple matter to equate one of the requirements of full-range exercise, to the goal of the person.. when the interest is flexibility, talk flexibility. If the interest is strength, talk strength.

Tell Them What They Want to Hear

Within the first few minutes of a consultation, a potential client will tell you, why they are in your facility. We must acquire the skill of listening. Then, telling the person what they would like to hear.

By that we mean, if they indicate an interest in flexibility, you should talk only about flexibility and how the program will help improve flexibility. It would be useless to speak about the muscle-building capabilities of equipment to someone who has indicated their main interest is flexibility.

If during the conversation, they indicate they also have some interest in increasing muscle size, then shift gear and begin talking about muscle size. Times efficient discussions, require limiting ones talk to the person's expressed interest.

Encourage a Free Trial Workout

Always encourage a free trial visit. If you can get them to use the equipment, the equipment will sell itself--and especially if you follow the advice offered in this manual regarding the free trial workout.

Tell them what they want to hear, but do not exaggerate or make false promises. High-Tech exercise tools are an improvement over lifting rocks and logs; and, can be thought of as an improved barbell.

Presently, many fitness centers that have been offering high-tech exercise on an exclusive basis, are adding free weights, in order to broaden the membership base. Eliminating the present controversy surrounding the high-tech vs free weight controversy, is the best way of improving a membership and personal training client base.

To eliminate the antagonistic confrontation, simply offer a variety of services and products.

As educator's, we owe the consumer, comprehensive education, covering all exercise tools. The education we provide, if sufficient, will enable client's to travel anywhere in the world and use the information we provided.

In their travels, they may even share some of the knowledge we provided, with others.

Think of it, a little knowledge is as a little pebble tossed into a pond. The ripples it creates, travels the length and width of the pond. For those us interested in "spreading the gospel,", it can travel the world.

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