What Arnold Schwarzenegger Said About Nautilus Back In 1971

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What Arnold Schwarzenegger Said About Nautilus Back In 1971 Empty What Arnold Schwarzenegger Said About Nautilus Back In 1971

Post  Fitness Scientist on Thu Jun 17, 2010 9:21 pm

What Arnold Said About Nautilus in 1971

By Fitness Scientist

Arnold Schwarzenegger, everybody's Mr. Olympia and star of the movie, The Terminator (and others), and presently the Governor of California, did his best to discredit Nautilus. He said: "I don't feel that the Nautilus machines even come close to training with the standard barbell, dumbbells and pulley equipment It is my honest opinion there is no comparison at all."

It is important to note that Mr. Schwarzenegger, in a letter printed in the February 1971, issue of Iron Man magazine quotes him as saying: "Mr. Jones just read me your letter which you wrote to him complaining about the facts he published regarding his new machines and training methods, and I laughed about your complaints because they don't make sense.”

“That’s the best advice I can give you is: visit Mr. Jones and try his machines yourself. Because that's the way I did it I gained four pounds and increased my arm size in the first three days of training on the new equipment, and I am making immediate arrangements with Mr. Jones to obtain several of his machines for my use in California.

If this is not my true opinion, then I will give up all of the titles I have won in the past I really believe that the new machines are fantastic. Otherwise, I would not write this.”

The letter was signed: Arnold Schwarzenegger, five times Mr. Universe, Mr. World Mr. Olympia Check it out yourself in the issue of Iron Man Magazine mentioned above.


So much for Arnold never endorsing Arthur Jones or Nautilus HIT

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