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High Intensity Training--The HIT System Empty High Intensity Training--The HIT System

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High Intensity Training--The HIT System

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By Fitness Scientist

First, allow me to outline a system that examines a present day approach to fitness, called the HIT training system.

This is a very popular (and often misunderstood) structure of exercise. This method is a creation by Arthur Jones, inventor of Nautilus and Medx exercise and rehabilitation equipment. Dr. Ellington Darden extended and confirmed it. He expanded the potential of using the HIT approach in an exercise program, no matter what one's goal is.

Dr. Darden's latest book (at this writing) is “The NEW High Intensity Training,” and the ISBN
# 1-59486-000-9. We successfully worked together in the l980's, in Lake Helen, Florida, at the headquarters of Nautilus Sports/Medical Industries and The Nautilus Television Network.

This system preaches that an exercise incorporates a certain number of reps, considered as a minimum number, and the continuation of the movement to a higher number, typically called “complete muscle fatigue.”

For this chapter, I am summarizing a relevant, similar, enhanced system that uses Fibonacci numbers as the lower number baseline and the number considered the point–of-muscle failure. Your target is to choose a number combination consisting of two factors:

• First, a least amount of repetitions, which can permit you enough reps to limber up your muscles, and thoroughly prepare them to perform a suitable set of repetitions.

• Second, you elect how many reps are enough reps, beyond the warm-up. Those you will mark as the end of that set.

The aim is to choose two numbers, a low number and a higher number, from the Fibonacci list that appeal to you visually and emotionally.

Looking at the numbers, you can guess that any smallest number less than 5 repetitions is too few, based on the immediate requirement to prepare the muscles and to prevent injury.

Therefore, the preferences are:

5 - 8 - 13 - 21 - 34 - 55

Many men feel comfortable with 5 as the lesser number, and using 13 as a limit. I mention these as examples. You may choose a different number Code that appeals to your instincts. As you consider the numbers to use, your inner sense will give you a suggestion, which you should use.

So, just read them aloud, or if you are sight-impaired, ask a member of your family or a friend to read them to you. Then, you speak them aloud to feel which sound seems the best to you.

Typically, HIT exercise recommends that, as you are performing the movements, you should not stop the movements at a point you predetermined. Instead, you should continue the movement, to a complete muscle failure, even if you reached the high number you earlier decided as the ending of the movement.

HIT principle recommend that you do not use a predetermined stopping point. Complete muscle failure is the goal. The Fitness Code recommends establishing a predetermined stopping point, aligned with the Fibonacci numbers.

There are different ways to use the numbers you prefer. One, for example, is to pick a resistance knowing you can perform 8 repetitions with, and once having reached the 8 repetitions, stop the activity.

That would complete the set.

You can use the number 8 as the standard baseline; however, you must be confident to use a suitable amount of resistance, so the exercise is enough. Determine this, by your strength and muscle endurance tests. You will not successfully fulfill maximum results, using an amount of resistance that is not in alignment with your true level of fitness.

If you prefer, elect a different number, such as 13 or 21 repetitions. Besides, if you overuse resistance, there will not be any progress, since you will poorly finish by performing non-Fitness Code numbers.

Initially, as you attempt this Fitness Code protocol, choosing the proper resistance will need a few sample workouts. However, once you get the feel of the movements with satisfactory resistance, you will have no problem finding the suitable resistance to use.

The advantage to using a higher repetition design is that it will call for less resistance to perform higher repetitions. Therefore, it may permit you to enjoy the movements more than when using heavier resistance and a lower Fibonacci number.

One absolute that accompanies choosing your own repetition numbers is, should you pick a number that your senses do not agree with, you will know it soon enough.

If you receive negative feedback, then just choose a different number structure, and experiment with it. A number will feel correct for your use, just take time to find it. Remember, it is correct for you to experiment with several different number combinations, until you find what you are happy using in your protocol.

Another way to exercise is to use a minimum number of repetitions to warm the muscle, and continue to a certain, higher number that signals the time to stop the movement. For example, you might use the number 13 as the baseline number, and then continuing upwards to the next Fibonacci number of 21. Then, you would stop the repetitions, even if you can perform a few more. This would be one set.

This approach appeals to women, and those who place emphasis on gaining muscle endurance, cardio-endurance, increased definition (with a lower calorie food plan), and improved sports participation.

Typically, bodybuilders prefer lower repetitions. Many, especially beginners, think the low repetitions build strength, and higher repetitions may create more definition and better muscle shape.

This has proven to be wrong, yet myths and old wife’s tales persist. It is safe to say, myths have existed since time immemorial. Most importantly, pick the numbers you prefer, and enjoy yourself while exercising.

“It is enough that I am of value to somebody today.”
---Hugh Prather

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