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Post  Fitness Scientist on Thu Jul 22, 2010 9:35 pm

Adult Obesity

By Joe Mullen
Fitness Scientist
Truly, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and in many ways so is obesity. Philosophically and visually this may be correct, but technically, scientifically, and when analyzed from the health aspect, obesity generally means overly fat and at risk for illness, injury and premature death.
It is possible for a person to be overweight and not considered obese.

Almost any well built athlete with a low percentage of fatty tissue and high percentage of muscle tissue appears obese.

Typically, the muscle to fat ratio is not considered when discussing one's body weight. Everyone, from physicians down to consumers evaluate obesity by the "scalar" weight of a person. "Scalar weight" meaning the total body weight registered when one-steps on a scale.

You will do yourself a great disservice if you use your scale weight as any indication of being fat or fat. Scale weight is only a general indication of body composition.

The muscle to fat ratio is more important than total body weight. It is more meaningful and a more accurate indication of body composition, fitness and general physiology. Check with your physician or call a local college for a source who offers a body composition evaluation. Under water weighing, is a most accurate method.

Some fitness centers and physical therapy clinics may offer this service, or at least a procedure where calipers are used and measurements of various body areas are measured and calculations made to determine the muscle to fat ratio.

While a low calorie diet can reduce body weight scientists and health care practitioners recommend exercise combined with weight management eating as the most effective way of losing weight quickly and safely.

The ideal situation is to prevent obesity. The moment you realize your weight is creeping up on you, get a grip. Most of us know this, but fail to apply self-control until it is too late, and we find ourselves obese.

The average woman is about 25% over fat. Compared to the average person, she is three to four inches shorter and 25 to 30 pounds lighter in total body weight. Her pelvis is wider and her shoulders are narrower.

Her lower body strength is comparable to a man of the same size, but her upper body strength pales by comparison. This is easily demonstrated by testing the overhead pressing or chinning strength of a woman and a man.

Before the onset of puberty, there would be very little difference in the body size or performances of a boy or girl. At his age, the sexes are similar in physical performance.

After puberty, certain hormones begin to take effect, and the male's strength considerably improves. The male becomes more muscular and begins to excel in such strength related activities as weight lifting, the field events in track and field and contact sports like football.

Women may excel at events such as swimming because a higher body fat ratio requires lower energy expenditure for a given distance, per unity of total body weight. Swimming and sumo wrestling are two sports where additional body fat can be beneficial.

This is not to say that men or women not excel. Alternatively, should not try to excel in any specific sport they choose. We recommend each of you choose any sport you wish and go for it. Become aware of certain advantages the opposite sex may have.

Analyze your genetics and capitalize on them by applying them to a sport that is in harmony with your genetics.

Research shows that fat cells formed, as a child will haunt you for the rest of your life. Modern, concerned parents no longer equate love with eating. Instead, they strive for moderation in eating habits, and teach the children behavior modification is a way of life.

Fit and fat do not normally go together. Realize this now and prevent the stress of leading a life of constant vigilance.

Most who undertake a weight loss diet will not stick with it. About 15% will maintain the weight loss. Perhaps these figures will improve, as the public understands that fitness and health is a way of life. Not a panic, part time endeavor.

Many studies related to obesity indicate it contributes to certain forms of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Knowing that, a rational, concerned person must react accordingly. Exercise and a reasonably low calorie, food balanced weight management program are a sure way to achieve a fit body and a healthy lifestyle.

Yes, it takes self-discipline in the way of motivation, persistence, patience, self- control, and the intent to lose weight. It is possible. You can do it!

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