High Intensit Training, Exercise and Weight Control

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High Intensit Training, Exercise and Weight Control Empty High Intensit Training, Exercise and Weight Control

Post  Fitness Scientist on Thu Jul 22, 2010 9:49 pm

High Intensit Training, Exercise and Weight Control

By Joe Mullen
Fitness Scientist

One of the major components of true health and fitness is a body with a minimum amount of body fat covering it. This component is one that many people find difficult to achieve. This is not to say being over fat is unattractive just that it has proven to be unhealthy.

It is possible to attain other elements of fitness, such as: above average strength, flexibility, and endurance yet termed over fat. Arguably, this is much healthier than the average person is. Low body fat is the crowning touch to a completely healthy body.

Let us admit it; most Americans eat much more than required for daily energy requirements. Modifying our eating habits is a difficult task and especially because we are bombarded via the media with ads for every imaginable food.

At least this is the excuse used by many when talking about reducing our food intake. Granted, it is hard for many people to reduce food intake. The good news is that many studies indicate it is not necessarily overeating that is the cause of being overweight. The number one problem is lack of physical activity.

According to The President's council on Physical Fitness & Sports: "These studies compared the food intake and activity patterns of obese persons with those persons of normal weight.” Several age levels -- teenage, adults, and older persons -- have been studies.

In each instance, the findings showed the obese people did not consume more calories than their normal weighted age mates, but that they were very much less active."

Becoming active need not require large amounts of time or extra-strenuous exercise regimens. Most often, small changes in your lifestyle will have dramatic effect on your physical fitness and visual appeal (to some people).

Again, quoting the President's Council: "A woman would only need to eat an average of 96 calories a day more than she expends to gain 50 pounds in five years. Had she added only 25 minutes of walking to her daily activities, this weight gain would have been prevented."

Are you hesitant to start a fitness program because you think it will increase your appetite? Well, here is either good news or bad news, depending on your point of view: scientists have demonstrated that this is a false assumption. So much for that excuse!

Having eliminated two major excuses, let us examine the most common problem with almost everyone who undertakes a weight control program: EXPECTING IMMEDIATE RESULTS.

We have already discussed this problem; however, the issue of weight management can become not only discouraging but also depressing for many people. Primarily, they expect too much too soon. Unfortunately, we are a society of seekers of immediate gratification. We give up before we see results, and then we move on to try something new.

The health field is littered with products that imply overnight results, most of which never materialize. Consumers who spend literally billions of dollars on these useless products seem never to learn by that experience.

The truth is there is no easy or quick way to become fit. It requires discipline, exercise, motivation, persistence, and most of all patience.

Those practicing these disciplines can reach ANY realistic goal. Others, who practice some of these disciplines, will realize some of their goals, some of the time. Ultimately, they fail and fall by the wayside, lost in self-pity and excuses.

There is only one way to succeed in a weight loss program. You must make it your Intent to succeed. Intent starts within the heart and soul of you. It has meaning beyond mere words. It is an inner feeling that desires be satisfied.

If you ever get discouraged or doubtful that you will reach you goals, reach emotionally down inside yourself, and listen to that desire. Use that as your focal point to succeed.

It is a very powerful force and it will not let you down.

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Post  sgsims1 on Thu Jul 22, 2010 10:01 pm

Enjoyed today's post, especially in light of the following. I have a little project on the side that I will not be making public until I have the results I want, but I thought I would share it with you. After 2 1/2 years of HIT and diet I've lost 42 lbs of fat and gained strenght, health and vigor. But I won't have reached my true goal until I gain a much higher degree of leanness. Take a look here and if you have any advice for my continued struggle, please drop me a pm or email here. Thanks Joe!

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