Negative work, full range exercise, volume and frequency

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Negative work, full range exercise, volume and frequency Empty Negative work, full range exercise, volume and frequency

Post  Terry Carter on Wed Sep 29, 2010 8:21 pm

Some of the things that are posted on the blogs are informative, some blatant attacks on Arthur and anything pertaining to true HIT and some are outright ridiculous. Some of these need to be addressed to those who still care about the philosophy of HIT.

Arthur was always in favor of heavy negative work, heavy in the sense that you can handle more resistance than you can positively....the main advantage of negatives. The best shape that I ever saw Arthur in was when he was experimenting with negatives. His enthusiasm was as strong as I had ever seen it when he described the advantages of negative work to me. It is like dynamite though, a little goes a long way and I think most overtrain both in volume and frequency when using negatives.

The other misconception that I am seeing is the one that states that full range exercise is no longer important, that heavy compound exercise is all you need. That too, is only a half truth. Because of limitations in volume, compound movements are the movements of choice but I would recommend a full range workout of pullover, leg extension, leg curl, bicep, tricep, lateral raise, and neck extension and flexion plus lumbar extension if available mixed in every third or fourth week because there are ranges that you just can't reach with compound exercises.

Whenever static testing tools were available weak areas of strength curves were improved with full range exercise that compound movements, by their nature, couldn't accomplish.
Another reason for leg extension and leg curl is that you can do them with foot or ankle injuries. The same for the pullover with hand and finger injuries. Also, I have seen shoulder flexibility diminish or improve, as the case may be, depending on whether the pullover was used regularly or discontinued. HIT is about knowing how to use the tools, their limitations and possibilities, and using the volume and frequency that allows you continual progress. Combine this with realistic long range goals of strength and injury prevention together with enhanced and protected overall health and what else do you want from training?

Terry Carter

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Negative work, full range exercise, volume and frequency Empty Re: Negative work, full range exercise, volume and frequency

Post  HDHITman on Tue Oct 05, 2010 4:05 pm

Very nice and informative article, and you are right you need to train with a full range of motion, but know the limits of your exercise choices, and never neglect any muscle for to long because it will lead to an imbalance and in some cases a injury. Always remember to follow the tenets of HIT(intense, brief, and infrequent) when making exercise and training technique choices so that as Terry writes to make continual progress toward you goals.

Great article thanks

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