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Post  sgsims1 on Wed Apr 14, 2010 11:01 pm

Welcome to the fatloss section of the HITIP forum; as you can see, I've kept the forum fairly simple to start. Much like the long and winding road it has taken many of us to come to the realization the HIT is the most effective methodology for increasing muscle mass without spending hours in the gym, many of us have matured and come to the realization that ultimately it is not the amount of bulk that makes us healthy and look good. In fact, a truly muscular look, let alone good overall health, may have much more to do with reaching a low level of bodyfat than in building bulk.

As I referred to one of his books in the title of this thread, let's look at good old Clarence Bass. Into his mid-70s now, Bass has remained well below 10% bodyfat for most of his adult life. How? With a consistent, calorie controlled diet and generally some variation of one HIT-style workout and one High Intensity cardio workout per week. (He also walks daily.) Even if you don't follow all of his methods, all of Bass' self-published books are a joy to read.

Closer to home, I've been impressed to no end by my two friends Glynn and Adnan, who will hopefully contribute here. Each, using his own method for calorie control, and each following a version of HIT training that works best for them, have transformed their physiques by becoming lean while maintaining and even adding muscle mass. No, as impressive as these guys look, they are not "mass monsters" and from what I can tell have accepted the idea that maintaining leanness, and gradually adding what muscle mass they are genetically capable of building, is the way to go. And guess what folks? Once you reach your desired level of leanness, it ain't that hard to do! You've figured out how to tweak and maintain your diet by losing your bodyfat gradually, and you can maintain your muscle mass and even gradually add to it with less than an hour of gym time per week. I'm hoping these guys will gladly tell their stories and show their pictures, as well as answer any questions the members here may have.

I'd also like to mention my old trainer David Landau, who leaned-out considerably while preparing for a bodybuilding contest late last year. Now, David made no huge transformation, as his years of practicing intelligent HIT had already built a great physique and I doubt that he ever went much above 12% or so body fat. But when he gradually "dieted down" to single digits, his 50+ year old physique was incredibly impressive. I'd love to see David contribute here, as he is a fantastic trainer with a wealth of knowledge. Last I heard, David was intending to maintain a lower bodyfat level year round.

Drew Baye, another great HIT trainer and resource who will also hopefully contribute here, has some great articles regarding achieving leanness on his site as well.

Point being, there is a big chunk of us that don't buy into the "bulking" and "cutting" approach to building a good physique. Perhaps that works for competitive bodybuilders, and obviously a serious "cut" is called for when preparing for competition, but for most of us, achieving and maintaining a lean physique is a worthy, healthy, and attainable goal.

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Post  Captain Puny on Tue Jun 22, 2010 3:56 pm

Good post! I completely agree with this idea. While I do believe that a Calorie surplus greatly aids the process of adding muscle mass, I think that this can be approached very methodically without the need for taking on excessive body fat and never getting "too far" from a lean state. Some people may even need a very high number of Calories to gain weight, but being systematic about determining what that number is seems like the way to go!

I think that most everyone here has a good understanding of what it takes to lose body fat. And the process is kind of a grind. It's well worth doing when the need arises but the less time doing it the better. I actually believe that the "optimal" state would be to spend most of one's time in a very mild Calorie surplus (particularly one that uses Calorie cycling on training days) while doing gradual fat loss when the need occasionally arises (and well before one becomes "fat".)

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