Hyperplasia vs Variant Hypertrophy Model

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Hyperplasia vs Variant Hypertrophy Model Empty Hyperplasia vs Variant Hypertrophy Model

Post  HDHITman on Wed Oct 06, 2010 5:12 pm

I was wondering what members of this group thoughts were on the possibility of hyperplasia of muscles. I have narrowed most of the research down to basically two camps of ideas, but both relate to the way you train.

The first camp believes that by stretching the fascia you loosen the encasement which allows for increased recovery and add growth due to the fact you stretched the fascia and increased the room for added growth. This camp has follower in DC Training and FST-7, both you techniques to create a huge pump then stretch the muscle under load.

The second camp believes that training beyond failure and targeting the semi-stretch point(max force point, point that activates the myotatic reflex), or using exercises that put stretch overload on the target muscle example DB flyes. They believe due to the studies on animals that shows proof of hyperplasia, they believe that prolong bouts of stretch the muscle fibers will reach a critical size, and with continue force to adapt will cause hyperplasia to occur.

So I was wondering if any members here have done forms of above and what were your results. It would help me and others if you were specific in the technique used and what your measureable or perceived result were.

Thanks, and hope this becomes a hot topic.

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