Failure from Wrists not Target Muscle - HELP!

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Failure from Wrists not Target Muscle - HELP! Empty Failure from Wrists not Target Muscle - HELP!

Post  GE1991 on Thu Feb 09, 2012 5:46 am

Hi guys.

im new to HIT training. i have been training the old 6 days a week slogg for about a year and a half but got Mike mentzers "High intensity training the mike mentzer way" book for christmas and havent looked back.

one thing i have noticed with my routiene is that my wrist strength tends to suffer alot with the execizes, such as palm-up pulldowns, i can cope with the heavey weights but my muscles dont cause me to stop it is my wrists as i cannot "grip" the bar any more. I am able to work with the heavier weights but if i go lower to comly with my wrist then i feel that it defeats the principals.

i supposed the obvious answer will be to just condition my wrist untill they are strong enought to cope, just wondered if anyone else had/have this problem where grip and wrist strentgh causes failure instead of main muscle?

any tips on how to sort it out?

for the record im 6' 0" and weight is 14st 8 and i live in South east London.

Many thanks.


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Failure from Wrists not Target Muscle - HELP! Empty Re: Failure from Wrists not Target Muscle - HELP!

Post  HDHITman on Fri Feb 10, 2012 6:15 pm

I would say stay the course because as the weight gets heavier and you continue to train the grip will follow. Also you can try to go heavier on the second exercise of the pre-exhaust cycle by lowering the rep which will hopefully stimulate the muscle and the reps low enough that you grip won't give out before you back. Adding farmer walks with a thick handled DB and alternate that with a heavy superset of wrist flexion and extension should do the trick of gaining some grip strength.

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