alternating HIT principles with high reps each workout

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alternating HIT principles with high reps each workout

Post  goginski on Sun Jul 20, 2014 6:19 am

I am curious if it is good and safe on your tendons/joints to constantly bombard your body with HIT every consecutive workout per body part. I have been doing my workouts per body part with HIT (around 6 reps) and with high reps (around 12 reps) every other workout about 5 days apart with the same amount of sets per body part which is 1-3. Any comments on this from a HIT expert would be appreciated. Below is an example of my last workout. Side delts were higher rep so it will be HIT next time with chest and tris higher reps to about 12 in strict form (little faster cadence than HIT reps):

Chest (heavy)
flat flye - 47 x 6 supersetted with inc. dumb. press 47 x 1,1,1,1,1,1 (each single was rest paused 10 sec. between

pullovers dumb. 67 x 6

Triceps (heavy)
cable push down - 70 x 4,2,1,1 (rest pause reps and held at bottom for static hold about 2 sec. on each rep)

Side delt (volume)
curl bar single lateral raise leaning - 16 x 12


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