How Women Can Improve Performance in Golf

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How Women Can Improve  Performance in Golf Empty How Women Can Improve Performance in Golf

Post  Fitness Scientist on Thu Apr 29, 2010 1:08 pm

How a Woman Can Improve Performance in Golf

By Joseph Mullen
Fitness Scientist

Everything else being equal, a woman cannot drive a golf bail more distance than a man because of one reason can Men are stronger than women are. Strength and power are intricately related. Power is a factor of muscle contraction. Muscle contraction moves the club over ones head and then as various muscle groups contract, the club accelerates making contact with the ball, sending it down the fairway. This is true of all golfing technique from driving to putting.

To improve the distance one drives off the tee all one needs to do is improve the strength of the muscles involved in that movement. It is that simple. Strength improvements require a strength-training program. No amount of hours swinging the club will increase strength. It will increase ones skill related to that specific movement.

Improved performance in sports participation requires special attention to several factors, most of which can be changed and enhanced. These factors are (1) Physical Proportions, (2) Skill Training, (3) Strength, (4) Flexibility, (5) Endurance, (6) Positive Imagery, and (7) Clothing.

Maximum performance of any sport demands a fitness training system that will consider these factors. The goal is, to improve strength, flexibility, muscle endurance, and concentration; therefore eliminating fatigue, reducing muscle and joint pain and improving mental focus.

1. Physical Proportions cannot be altered. Bodily proportions are a result of genetics and as such can contribute to success, even if the athlete lacks average amounts other essential elements. Genetics combines individuality such and the length of ones arms, torso, legs and other more complex elements such as the neuromuscular system, all of which determine our “natural ability”.

2. Skill Training requires one to practice the sport of choice. Practice is very important and is a major contributor to improved performance. Skill levels come only from repetitive practice of the movements involved in golf. Consider that only perfect practice makes perfect. Seek the guidance of a professional.

3. Strength relates to ones physical power and is of supreme importance for women, and it is most often misunderstood. Property developed strength can prevent injuries to muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones. Strength is the major element required to help the body absorb the impact forces related to golf and other events in daily life. Strength also allows one to hold skill positions better, longer, enables rhythmic movements without fatigue, and reduces the chance of poor body positioning. Proper strength training will produce a corresponding improvement in endurance

4. Flexibility is defined as the complete range-of-motion around a joint or joints of the body. Stretching can improve flexibility. To do so, stretch slowly and hold maximum range positions for at least twenty seconds for best results. Do not bounce during the stretch. Fast movements in various directions will not improve flexibility. Proper strength training will improve flexibility.

5. Endurance is a requirement for some sports such as long distance running. Golf does not require high levels of endurance. However, high energy levels are required to maintain mental focus and to sustain consistency in the skills demanded for 18 holes of golf. Energy comes from the food one eats or drinks.

A major Improvement in high-energy food is the recent development of nutritionally correct food bars. These bars provide sufficient calories and nutrition as found in a typically healthy, low calorie meal, prepared at home. In this regard, the nutrient balances provide just the right mix of protein, carbohydrate, and fat percentages. This blend of nourishment provides high energy and helps the body, mind, and spirit to function at maximum capacity, for extended periods.

6. Positive imagery is the process of mentally focusing on the skills related to golf, always focusing on attaining successful performance. These mental skills are practiced anywhere, anytime and will contribute to improvement of ones sport performance. First, however, you must understand the skills involved in the sport. Learn the skills from a competent instructor. Then, you must practice these skills in you mind’s eye several times a day. Perfect mental practice makes perfect performance.

(7) Clothing which provides adequate protection from the weather is mandatory. It must provide freedom of movement to serve its purpose and clothing make one look cool on the course.

To achieve maximum performance in minimum time, consider adding a properly designed, total fitness regimen to you lifestyle.

Joe Mullen
Fitness Scientist

Fitness Scientist

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