Snake Oil Sales Persons Dominate The HIT Protocols and The Fitness Business

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Snake Oil Sales Persons Dominate The HIT Protocols and The Fitness Business

Post  Fitness Scientist on Fri May 07, 2010 5:08 pm

Snake Oil Sales Persons Dominate the HIT Protocols
and The Fitness Business

By Joseph Mullen
Fitness Scientist

It is common knowledge among insiders in the HIT Protocols and The Fitness Industry, that hucksters and snake-oil salespersons dominate the industry. The net result is that millions of Americans are bilked out of billions of dollars each year.

Much of this money is squandered in an attempt to discover a magic wand, lotion, potion or pill that will provide "instant weight loss” or "prevent aging skin”. Buyers soon discover that their skin will continue to age, and the one area of immediate weight loss is in their wallet. We once asked the publisher of a national fitness magazine featuring so-called fitness products, how he made so much money selling useless products. He smiled and said, "Joe, You will never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the public."

Would you buy a product from that man? Unfortunately, you probably have. There is only one defense against this kind of premeditated rip-off. Knowledge! Consumers interested in HIT, fitness training and related products must learn to separate reality from rip-off.

Towards this end, here are some recommendations:

1. Physical fitness is the ability to live each day with vigor and alertness, without undue fatigue, and have energy left for leisure time activities.

2. Proper fitness training will manifest itself by supplying above average levels of strength, flexibility, muscle endurance, aerobic endurance and and below average levels of body fat.

3. Before beginning a fitness program to check with your doctor. Although a fitness program can have profound, positive effects, it can also cause serious damage to the novice who attempts too much, too soon. If you are in average health, exercise is not dangerous, especially under the supervision of a competent Fitness Professional.

4. There is no age barrier for beginning a fitness program. Everyone can benefit; attitude, not age is the major prerequisite.

5. Men and women can follow the same type of fitness program.

6. Women will not develop muscles like a man even if they follow a program similar to a man's program. If this were true, then a man would develop a body like a woman by following a program designed for a woman.
In summary:

• Education is the key to understanding fitness training.
• Any realistic goal is achievable.
• Most common knowledge about fitness is a myth.
• Everyone can benefit from proper HIT exercise.
• Check with your physician before starting a fitness program.
• Spot reducing is a myth, sauna wraps are useless -magic wands, lotions, potions, or pills do not exist and, there is
no tooth fairy.

Oh, one more thing. HIT is the most valuable, useful, and potentially protocol ever created.

Thanks to Arthur Jones and Dr. Ellington Darden and thats the truth.

Joe Mullen
Fitness Scientist
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