Thanking Ones Source - Allowing The Universe to Help You Succeed

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Thanking Ones Source - Allowing The Universe to Help You Succeed Empty Thanking Ones Source - Allowing The Universe to Help You Succeed

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Thanking Ones Source
Allowing the Universe to Help You Succeed

By Joe Mullen
Fitness Scientist

Author's note: I am in no way a "Religious Fanatic" From my point of view giving thanks is one thing I eventually learned was the right thing to do, when something very special was given to me in life, even though I didn't conscientiously ask for it.

Somewhere along the way, I understood that even though I though about something (as one example - to decide to exercise or open a fitness center, or write - that the thought was a "thought gift" and it offered me a way to change my life for the better. Or not! Obviously, if we make the right choice we are rewarded in a good way. The following the fitness choice is the best intention\ idea I ever made.

Intent denotes: Identifying one's specific purpose, related to a fitness program, which by extension will express your purpose in life.

A statement includes three aspects of your life:

(1) What one thinks about?
(2) What one talks about?
(3) What action one takes relative to your thinking process and talking habits?

In the example of this book, it applies specifically your style of moving towards your physical goals.

Unless one has a clear intention to follow through with the mental thoughts of implementation and the verbal talk about creating “something new” for oneself, then nothing of any significance will occur.

There are three components to creation: Thought, Word, and Deed.

Meaning, clearly thinking about it, clearly talking about it, and then, developing the required action your words and convictions require. This becomes your deed. These three elements must be present for positive, useful change to take place.

Said another different way: It is the thought, word, and deed you advance that defines positive change.

In resistance, it is your though, word, and the deed which also defines negative lifetime changes.
Just turning up at the gym and going through the movements will not yield success.

To make a mental, verbal and action statements of Intent you must first specify the purpose for exercise, by clearly defining one's legitimate goal. This comes from within you. You must take time to reflect, to come to fundamental understandings of exactly what it is you want to do achieve.

Once you do make a verbal statement of that intent and start acting on the stated intent, things will happen for you in a way they never have.Scores of books on positive thinking and smattering on positive intent are available.

It is an issue beyond the field of this series, but we will summarize, in what we can call-- Readers Digest form-- a basic, proven method that can produce wonders for you.

Begin Your Workout With a Thank You Statement

For maximum fitness effects, start your training with a declaration of “Thanks”. It would be logical for you to ask me, “Thanks to whom, and why?”

Why should we offer thanks for a workout? The explanation is because it is self-evident we are only a part of a much superior blueprint of creation. Whatever our personal belief system is, we must concede that we do come from “somewhere,” entered the world through someone, and something or someone is responsible for giving us Life.

A major benefit of giving thanks is that you admit that you, in effect, are serving a greater cause. You are under the expert guidance of something superior to you. This power is deep within you.

It is a Soul, Spirit, or the Essence. The designation is not as significant as its existence. Call it what you please! You hear the inner pleasant voice. It will effectively and successfully lend you a hand to cope with Life. Relax, and open yourself to that consciousness. Giving thanks will not only enhance your workouts, but furthermore your Life.

I am not basing my rendition of saying "Thank You" in any particular religious belief, but as an alternative, within a Spiritual\Holistic one. All we recommend is that you are aware of this creative approach, and say a simple Thank you!

Here is a simple example of how you can do that!

Preceding your workout, find a quiet spot (if you can), and take a moment for yourself and your inspiration Source (whatever turned you on\inspired you to follow the fitness path).

In a centered way say something like: “Thank you Source: For creating me, offering all the choices I need to produce Life decisions, for the highest good of all, and for giving me the opportunity to reform my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements, to a higher level within this exercise program. Thank you.”

This declaration indicates both your intention, and your gratitude for the consent to begin your workout life on the right track, and to lead it in the right direction.

Of course, it is also possible to offer a Statement of Intent and receive more guidance to succeed.

Joe Mullen
Fitness Scientist
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