Bill on diet and eatin' it raw!

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Bill on diet and eatin' it raw!

Post  sgsims1 on Sun Apr 25, 2010 12:08 pm

Bill, I've only recently read some of the discussion on your forum regarding diet, including the raw food. How about a "quick and dirty" on your basic ideas and philosophy regarding diet for health, growth and fat loss?

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Re: Bill on diet and eatin' it raw!

Post  billsahli on Sun Apr 25, 2010 7:19 pm

The quick and dirty...

Really it is all common sense...

Our bodies are like medicine cabinets backed up by super computers.

In Mind Becomes Mass I talk about the 3rd mind. The mind that does just fine while being left alone.

This is the Super-mind that runs our bodies.

Our genetics supersedes all the nutritional information etc in modern time because it just is trying to explain us. Nothing has changed in 10,000 + years.

10,000 years ago we did not have processed food, ovens etc.

We were nomads mostly and ate of the tree and vine and took the leftovers of predators.

In knowing this raw eating is in our genetics.

Now of course, the foods of today is not like those years ago when the earth was untapped.

This is why I affirm the best quality foods, minimal supplements if any and no processed foods or very little.

Our bodies are ageless and have the capability of living several hundreds of years if we let them.

Due to the toxic environment we must pay close attention to what our bodies are telling us. Most cases the bodies have toxins, metals all kinds of things put in us from birth from the environment and injections etc.

I have had at least one client totally detox by going raw. Smelled bad for about 3 weeks I believe and then wala...

Bodybuilding, like health and strength is based on our genetics. Why not work with your genetics and forget what you have been taught!

The control in our society is such that we are sheeple and in most cases following the herd.

Everything is complicated. It does not have to be not one iota!

Make it simple. The body is an amazing machine and can handle the stimulus and the support necessary and knows exactly what to do with it.

You just have to work with it to allow. As with HIT work with your genetics and you will take the chains off your body and life!

That is as quick and dirty as I can get!

Best regards to all,

Best regards,
Bill Sahli
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